FAQ & Shipping/Pick-UP


What Is IZB Naturals? 

IZB Naturals is an all natural skin care line with the goal of providing healthy skin while giving back to our community. All of of our products are handmade and all ingredients come from our beautiful earth. Living a healthy lifestyle is important with IZB because healthy bodies create healthy minds and healthy minds make the world go round

Where do the ingredients come from? 

Our ingredients come from a little bit of every where. Just to name a few places: 

Miami, FL 

Fort Worth, TX

Grand Rapids, MI 

What Are The Shelf Life Of Your Products? 


For all products we suggest changing your products every 6-12 months.

Powder Facial: 2 years

Scrubs: 6 months 

Liquid Soap: up to 12 months 

Moisturizing Bars: 12-18 months 

Does Any Of IZB Products Contain Nuts? 

Yes! Some of our products contain tree nuts that come from coconuts and almonds. Please make sure before ordering that you check and see which products contain which ingredients. If you would like us to make a product that works with your allergies please contact us at izorasbeautybar@gmail.com

Are Your Products Safe For Pregnant Women? 

Yes, all of our products are safely made for pregnant women. 

Are Your Products Safe For Sensitive Skin? 

Yes, depending on your skin and allergies. We suggest contacting us privately before making a decision on products. izorasbeautybar@gmail.com

Are Products Vegan? 

Yes. All products come from the earth. 

Are IZB Products Regulated By The FDA? 

No, and that is because all of our products are only made to enhance your natural beauty. In no way does IZB intend to cure, prevent diseases or treat skin conditions. 


Pick Up 

Monday: 11am-6:30pm 

Saturday: 11am-4pm


If you miss the pick up time/date your pick up order will be available the next pick up date and time. If the pick up times don't work for you please contact us via email only. 

Please wait to receive a text/email saying " Your IZB order is ready for pick-up " then proceed to text the number provided and schedule a pick up time. 



Shipping Has Been Taking 7-10 Business Days. Once Packages Are Dropped Off To Post Office Please Utilize Your Tracking Number To Locate Your Package.

IZB Is Not Responsible For Packages Once They’re Delivered To Your Location So Closely Watch For Your Packages Or Provide Accurate Drop Off Instructions. We're Here To Deliver The Best Customer Service


Any Questions Please Contact: izorasbeautybar@gmail.com


*If for some reason you're not happy with your products we will provide a refund once unused items are returned. 

*We do not provide refunds for orders older than 30+ days.*