Which Skin Care Products Are For Me?

First, what type of skin do you have? 

Normal- your pores are unnoticeable 

Oily- your pores are normally enlarged, skin is very oily and clogged all the time.

Dry- your pores are small and your skin is usually very tight

Sensitive- your skin is normally irritant to products, your pores can be normal and also enlarged. 

Combination- your pores are normally enlarged or clogged

Do You Not Know How Find Out Your Skin Type? 

If you do not know your skin type follow the directions below: 

1. Cleanse your skin with IZB soap bar or any other gentle cleanser. Afterwards don't apply anything to your skin. 

2. After about 30 minutes examine your skin mainly focusing on your nose, cheeks, and forehead for a "shine" 

3. Wait an ADDITIONAL 30 minutes examine your skin, at this point is your skin feeling dry and tight? you have dry skin. 

4. If there's a shine on your face that you can see (usually on your nose and forehead) you more than likely have combination or normal skin. 

5. If you have a shine on your cheeks, nose, AND forehead; you more than likely have oily skin

6. If your skin gets irritate, (blotchy, inflamed) you have sensitive skin. We suggest trying a different product but spot testing it or seeing a dermatologist. 


*all these tips are from an accredited website. if you have any further questions we suggest seeking a dermatologist.