Charcoal Clay Facial

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 This facial is made up of white kaolin clay and activated charcoal powder. This facial is designed to help skin with constant ( or random) breakouts. We always suggest this facial for pre-teens/teens. 

How To Use Charcoal Clay Facial: 

1 Apply this facial directly on your skin using your fingers or an IZB facial applicator tool. 

2 Allow the facial to stay on your skin for 8-10 minutes

3 Rinse off facial with luke warm water. 

4 Pat dry 

5 Immediately apply a moisturizer ( suggested IZB oil based moisturizer) 

  All facials are powder form to increase the shelf life. Powder form means when you order this product you will have to mix in the comfort of your own home. 

As suggested for any other products used on the skin, If your skin shows any type of irritation please do not continue to use the product. Contact the IZB team immediately for resolution.