Coconut & Oatmeal Soap Bar

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5 oz / 133.08ML

a great facial cleanser for acne prone

use this soap bar to soft exfoliate your skin daily. This bar is packed with so many oils and butters that help rejuvenate your skin.

How to use this soap bar? 

1 Take this soap bar and lather it between your hands, on a soft towel, or an IZB exfoliating glove ( OR directly put this soap bar on your face).

2 Gently massage the suds into your face slowly, making sure to cleanse your entire face (including your neck) 

3 Directly after, rinse off your face with luke warm water being careful by avoiding eyes, nose, and inside of ears. 

4 Pat dry your skin and apply a simple moisturizer ( IZB oil based moisturizer is suggested).